Trezor popup keeps closing automatically

I am having the same issue that appears to be affecting a ton of other people based on googling. I’m on Windows 10 using Chrome with the latest version of Metamask and a Trezor T with 2.41 firmware.

Metamask is almost unusable for me in Chrome. Sometimes it will work, but almost always the Trezor popup window opens momentarily and then closes before I can confirm the transaction.

It is more reliable with Firefox on the same PC although the issue still occurs there, just not as often.

I need to be able to use it with Chrome as some bridges/other wallets don’t work with Firefox.

It would be great if Metamask could offer a solution to this issue that seems to be affecting a very large number of users.


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I’ve still yet to find a solution or receive a direct response. I’ve been trying to make a transaction for 30 mins. Disabled extensions, refreshed browser, latest update. No use. Beyond frustrating!