Tried to purchase things with crypto, but money lost

Hello, Thanks in advance for your Support. I tried to but cold wallets on the ledger site. During payment they redirected me to crypto com pay, and i send busd to the address they gave to me. Now ledger support says they didn’t get payment, and as I see money were transfered to another address in a week without my action. Here 's what crypro com support told me

Initial operation to address 0x6dc9f04b4cdfe43fa0573857da0e993571fda3b5 has hash 0x4eb85f10e9f5286e6c6243170401b0d7f913a37e8d29edfca2544d0b1db75827
As per one of the screenshots in your previous emails, it appears the funds were returned/sent a week later to this wallet address: 0x72a53cdbbcc1b9efa39c834a540550e23463aacb

This might be a Metamask hot wallet, although there’s no way for us to know if this is the case, we can only hope so.

From our side the initial transaction is successful, we are only the mediator in all this.

Currently from our point of view we see no problems and if we are to escalate this further we need to figure this out, because the information we currently have is insufficient for the Pay Team to assist.

We suggest first checking in with Metamask if the second wallet address is a Metamask hot wallet or general wallet address.

Did you sent the money to the correct address that crypto com gave you ? and somehow a week later the money was sent to a new address ?

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Yes, exactly. Address is below, but i do not know who gave the address - ledger or crypto com
they both can’t answer. I’ve been redirected to this page from ledger shop page, but the order never confirmed.

I’m still a bit confused. If you sent money to the address that Crypto com gave you, then I can’t see how this is your problem. I would say the Ledger got there money in the address they gave you. End of deal, or is there something I’m missing ?

Problem is I was not redirected to ledger shop back to complete and comfirm my order
So crypto com tells me they did their job well
and the ledger tells me


Thank you for contacting Ledger support.

We are sorry to hear but we did not receive your payment. If you were charged and no funds returned to your wallet, please contact your payment provider for more information.

So i decided to ask here

Is 0x6DC9F04b4cDfe43fa0573857da0E993571FDA3b5 your wallet address?


@nakedwinnie , it would interest you to know that there is an account @system , is still at large . I think you should excommunicate that scam account . Thanks .


No, i think it ledgers. But they do not see payment

Why did Ledger ask you for a payment? What were you trying to accomplish initially?

It may be that you interacted with a scammer.

Hey @Stephanae, the @system is actually the forum bot and is a legitimate account. It is the bot that sends automatic messages and flags :slight_smile:


@nakedwinnie , thank you for letting me know this . I am aware now .


I wanted to buy ledger nano S in their shop. As it seems now I should pay card as usual, crypto is not safe payment

Was it through

It may be that you have interacted with a scam website.

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of course, official website

I think the issue is that you sent B-USDT on Binance Smart Chain, rather than USDT as an ERC20 on Ethereum mainnet. You can see your transaction on Binance Smart Chain here :point_down:

I would contact the Ledger team telling them that you have sent it on the wrong network and see if there is anything they can do for you.

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