Bug with metamask using ledger

I connected metamask to my ledger and a list of ETH addresses showed up. I linked all addresses and transferred my BTC (BEP-20) from an external address to one of the addresses in Metamask. Turns out that the metamask address I sent my coins to DOES NOT EXIST in my Ledger. To be 100% clear, the ledger addresses shows by Metamask DID not correspond to my actual addresses in my Ledger.
Since I sent my coins to this random address generated by Metamask, I’m no longer able to access.

I found similar bug which apparently has been fixed in this post:

Can you please explain what happened and please give me access to my coins?


Hey man, I have the same issue with the previous Metamask version. Happend to me end of march 2021. This is a huge bug. These guys not even responding

I solved alone by exploring extended addresses on ledget throug mycrypto