Metamask connected a ledger address that is not associated with my ledger

i connected a new address to my metamask using ledger nano s and now metamask is saying that the address does not belong to this device. I have never had any other ledger and this wallet is the only one i have ever used.

Can someone please help me to recover the crypto in the wallet and understand why metamask has added an address that isn’t assosicated with my ledger nano

You should be able to access your crypto on your Ledger using the Ledger Live program, if everything else fails.

I use a Ledger my self, but its been long time now since I did the connection to Metamask. But I remember during the process you have to select which address that is your Ledger’s address, like in the photo I have added. Could it be that you selected a wrong address and not your Ledgers address ?

This image is one I just found one the internet, showing the part where you select your Ledgers address


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