Recover metamask wallet

Hi,3 days ago the metamask extension got deleted from chrome I reinstall it and tried to log into my wallet but I couldn’t because I don’t have the seed, i tried to recover the deleted files but didn’t manage to get the seed so I’m wondering if there is a solution to recover the wallet I’ve contacted the support but still got no answer
Thank u

Hi Chris thank you for your help yes there is a folder called nkbihfbeogaeaoehlefnkodbefgpgknn

Similar situation here. Metamask extension uninstalled and reinstalled. Thought I had seed phrase so imported but it was an old wallet I never used. Couldn’t located the old metamask data in the vault. Now my question is: I connected my ledger nano x and only ever kept my ETH and NFTs in my ledger wallet. I can still see my assets in my ledger live app, however, when I try to make a new metamask wallet and connect my ledger, I cannot seem to locate my address in the ledger live selection page…I scrolled though many pages and followed all advice I could find online including making sure everything is up to date and connected properly. I can see my assets are safe on my ledger and I thought it would be as simple as just connecting my ledger to a new metamask wallet to be able to use the same address and such but that has proven extremely difficult for some reason. Any advice? I know this may sound confusing but hopefully someone understands this issue.

To clarify - this is more of a connecting my ledger wallet to metamask issue if I am understanding everything correctly. I can’t seem to locate the correct address when I choose to connect hardware wallet. All accounts show 0ETH balance. I hope this is an easy fix as I have quite a few funds stored on my ledger and just used metamask to connect to open sea etc…I also am wanting to collect an airdrop and have that previous address linked for whitelists etc.

Those are the files

Did you recover it?!

not yet i’m still trying to get the vault data and that’s hard because i got more than 4 metamask wallets

@Red-Dead-Redemption Did ChrisDC help you?

i’ve tried to zip the whole directory here but couldn’t

Good game the Red-Dead-Redemption. Well if you not get the access perhaps you need somebody that know about crypto hunting, like me for example :slight_smile:

@deckcard23 what do you offer? I also lost my seed phrase

yep what do you offer ?

Do you know how to direct message someone on here?

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I dont know how send a private message. You can see my profile and contact to me. :person_tipping_hand:

No i dont have it and i was looking for it since Yesterday

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