Tried withdrawing ETH from Polygon Matic, transaction stuck

Tried withdrawing ETH i had on Polygon/matic using their V2 bridge, but without success. No transaction appeared on the Polygon scan but one did on eth scan

Transaction stuck :

Wallet address:

has not been mined due to low gas so I tried sending another transaction on top of it with a higher nounce (507, 508, and 509) without success.

If I try to resend a transaction to myself with Nonce 506 I get the error message “replacement transaction underpriced” when the gas is set to be much higher (total gas, base fee and tip)

Can you get me out of this mess?

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You can use the gas tracker from ethscan. The gas fee is higher right now, I recommend increasing the priority fee.

I don’t follow you, what are you suggesting I do ? The gas fee is higher right now (>100) than the stuck transaction (59). When I try to resend a transaction with the same nounce as the stuck transaction I get an error “replacement transaction underpriced” which does not make sense since I am replacing with a transaction thats double the price