Stuck transactions! PLS HELP!

Hi guys, i have a stuck transactions
I wanted to send a matic to myself through the bridge, but the transaction got stuck and still I received a matic to my wallet, but for some reason the etherscan status is pending and I can’t do anything anymore, I tried with the same nonce and raising the gas price to make a replacement, but still I can’t do anything with my wallet.
The error is 32000 transaction underpiced
you can check my transactions : 0xFD5583E17815B174Beeef3da170e704e233f7052
can anyone help me.

Hello @xlist, welcome to MetaMask community!

Follow the indications in the article below, to help get your transactions unstuck.


Hello, @Chinzilla , i try it all and none results :c

Sending yourself a transaction with the same nonce of the first stuck transaction and of 0 ETH value is the way to get rid of stuck transactions. You need to increase gas fee by at least 30%, if not more. So take that in consideration.


im right now do this and same error.

Your gwei is 6, it’s too low. It won’t ever process it. Not until gwei reaches 6 to take yours into consideration.

Gwei is at around 40 now. Try by using that and balance it with gas limit, as that’s not what you need to increase as much.


you saved my life! TY VERY MUCH! BRO!!!


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