Trouble recovering deleted account

Hi I am having trouble recovering a deleted account. Here is the history of what happened.

  1. Added MetaMask extention to Chrome noting the 12 word phrase

  2. Somehow 2 Accounts got created and I am not sure how.

  3. I did all of my activity in Account2

  4. My MetaMask got hacked so decided to move most of my tokens to other wallet for now

  5. I had 2 tokens JOE and LOOKS that I was staking on their sites.

  6. With a non Ethereum network in focus I deleted Account2 thinking I was deleting only what pertained to the non ETH network.

  7. I then noticed my LOOKS and JOE tokens were gone (they are in Account2)

  8. I removed the MetaMask Extension and tried recovering with 12 word phrase

  9. Only Acccount1 shows up not Account2

  10. I tried to add Account2 manually and add tokens back.

  11. Connected new wallet to LOOKSRare and JOE websites and do now see the tokens which I had staked and using Account2.

  12. I have tried everything I know how including importing a .json file I found and it did create a new account. Just no tokens.

When I deleted Account2 did I delete my tokens forever?

Please help.




Hi and welcome to Metamask community :fox_face:

I found this article that might help you

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Thank you for your response. I tried to recover from the 12 word phrase which created Account 1 and then tried to manually add Account 2. If Account 2 was correct it should show some ETH and it shows 0 ETH. So maybe my Account 2 was an imported account (not sure though) in which case I would need to add it with a private key or .json file. Do you know if a .json file is created automatically, or would I have had to create it myslef?

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I believe I have narrowed my issue down to the fact that if I was able to see the option to “Remove” Account 2, this tells me that Account2 was an imported account. Since I deleted this account and cannot find private key or .json file, I think I am toast. If someone can confirm this or if someone knows a Chrome hack that I may be able to use to get my account back please let me know. Otherwise I will grieve and move on. AND BE MORE CAREFUL NEXT TIME!!!

Hello, you can see that your account2 is an address imported from the outside, not the same set of mnemonics as account1, so you need to import it with the private key. Now you have to try the following operations

Do you remember where your Account 2 address was from?

Thank you for this. I tried this process earlier and cannot decipher the results. Will this work if I removed my MetaMask from browser and restored with my 12 word phrase? I already removed MetaMask and recovered it with the phrase. In this case should the process in the article still work and show me my private key for the imported Account2?

I do not remember. This has been in place for a long time.

I just tried this again. I see a bunch of numbers and the “number of Accounts” and it says 1 and some other stuff. I do not see any 12 word phrase or anything akin to a private key…losing hope :frowning:

Right, the Vault Decryptor will only give you the 12 word phrase for the current wallet you have recovered, not the private key for Account 2 that you have imported.

I would do my best to remember where the wallet address from Account 2 was from, and if you can still access it through another device you had it on previously.


Thank you all for your input. I found my pk and got it back! Whooohooo!



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