Unable to find token after changing network of account

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I added a bnb network to my account 1 after having placed eth into it.
Now I can’t seem to convert it back to an eth wallet.
Could anyone help, please?
Thank you

Hi Lewis bnb network :smiley: you mean: Binance Smart Chain?

You need some BNB to pay for gas on Binance Smart Chain.

Unable to find token :eyes: what token are you looking for?

I changed account 1 network from default (eth) to smart chain After I had already stored hoge in it. Now account 1 is smart chain and I don’t know how to retrieve the hoge.
Do you think you can help?

What :point_down: switch on Ethereum mainnet

Ethereum Mainnet

How. When I go settings, network and click on eth main net it takes me to greyed out settings, like this ;

You hero,
Thank you so much.
Glad I found it my hoge up 500%
Thanks again