Unable to import SafePal wallet to MetaMask

I’m trying to import my wallet from SafePal to MetaMask. When I enter my seed it imports some empty wallet with different address. Could the reason be because in SafePal I have both seed and Passphrase as safety measures? If so, how can I import to meta if it doesnt support passphrase as import option?

If you are referring to a SafePal hardware wallet, you shouldn’t be entering the seed phrase of a hardware wallet into the MetaMask browser extension.

If you’ve exposed your hardware wallet’s seed phrase, please refer to SafePal help documents to see how to create a new seed phrase and update the one you have in your device. Make sure to backup the seed phrases in paper and store them in a safe place.

Unfortunately at this moment you can only connect a Trezor or a Ledger to a MetaMask wallet to see the addresses of your hardware wallets in the browser extension, but not a SafePal hardware wallet. Sorry for the inconvenience.