Unable to send one type of coin from wallet

Hi folks, could someone please advise where I’m going wrong. I am trying to send Loyalty Labs token (Loyal) to a new address but the max button and the submit button do not highlight allowing the transaction to proceed. I have a spending cap way above my holdings. I have tried; changing the token, then back again (allows me to submit by fails), sending only whole coins and not fractions, trying a hundred time hoping for a different result and hooking my wallet up to different DEX’s. I have successfully sent, received and performed swaps with other tokens since this problem arose, so it’s not gas etc. Thanks.


hi @Smal , search loyal’s contract address on Coingecko to see if the token in your wallet is correct.
If so, you can find their contact information on Loyal official website and ask them if there are any restrictions on token transfers.


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