Unable to swap BOO tokens

I was using Spookyswap to farm BOO using FTM-BTC lp tokens, but I could not unstake the lp tokens, so I contacted a group of scammers named Spookyswap official in Telegram. They tricked me into entering my Metamask seed phrase in a WalletConnect website created by them. They left some BOO in the account and I sent 1.5 FTM back to the account to swap BOO for FTM quickly and to get it out, but I can’t do it. What did they do that I can swap and send funds out? When I try to swap, I get this message:

The transaction cannot succeed due to error: undefined.
This is probably an issue with one of the tokens you are swapping.

Try raising slippage

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Hi @voltart,

I am very sorry to hear about your wallet being compromised. Swaps are currently only supported for ETH Mainnet, Binance Smartchain, and Polygon networks. You will not be able to swap your BOO tokens, because they’re on the Fantom network.

I highly recommend that you create a new MetaMask wallet, send any remaining tokens in your compromised wallet to your new wallet, and abandon your compromised wallet completely.