mining pool is scam or not !?

all my greetings for everyone, I had a problem with a mining pool link on browser metamask the link is:
they took my money with a method of add pool liquidity I completed the first one but they made me another add pool “smart contract”
i just want to know is it a scam for people who have experience with it


Hey @Pekeste, sorry to hear this has happened.

The link has been reported to the team.

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Okay if you need anything i send you all informations
I am waiting for your answer

No need for more information, thank you!

The link has been reported and the team will proceed with next steps :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for all . I am waiting for your answers and your greatest help
Thank you so much for you and all the team

I also give you this when I spoke with their support of that platform they gave me a number on telegram to contact him and for him to make me understand what I have to do.. 

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