USDT in BSC chain

Be very careful with this situation. The USDT in your wallet is actually BUSD-T, which if sent over the BSC network to CoinBase will be lost as they have yet to agree to support the BP-20 network from Binance, so the USDT would actually be sent as BUSD-T to Coinbase, be accepted and your USDT account with Coinbase not funded. This is happening in other scenarios as well. Best to trade with BNB on Metamask and send those BNB to Binance if trading Binance Smart Chain tokens. There are sites online offering addresses to tokens that support both the Binance Smart Chain and Etherscan network (manually adding a coin to the wallet) that will show as a product in the wallet on the wrong chain, as “some” exchanges will trade that token on that chain, but not all.