USDT in Portfolio, how to send?

Hi everyone

I have bought usdt ( erc20 ) on MetaMask ( Mercuryo )
I see them in portfolio.
How can i send my tokens usdt to exchange?

hi @patrickdewulf1960 ,welcome to MetaMask community.
You need eth as gas to exchange.
If you don’t have eth, you can buy some, or send it to your wallet from an exchange (remember to select the correct withdrawal channel).

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Thanks for the fast answer.
But i don’t see how to send this fom portfolio.
I have some ETH.

Click Swap and you can exchange USDT for other tokens. Usually we trade directly in the browser extension of MetaMask.
Before exchanging, please make sure the token you want to get is safe. There are many scam tokens with the same name, you can check the correct contract address on coinGecko, and then exchange.

Your web3 knowledge may not be much, I suggest you understand the basic security knowledge before trading, otherwise you will be easily scammed.

The support page also has a lot of knowledge worth learning.

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You can’t send tokens from Portfolio dapp yet. You can use your MetaMask wallet to do that though. For now, as far as Portfolio capabilities go, you can only do what the picture below shows you (ETH example)

Screenshot 2023-09-01 134221


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