Usdter pro trustworthy or not

Has anyone had any experience with Usdter pro? Looking for advise as to ether they’re a trustworthy platform or not? I am struggling with there customer support.

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Hello @Goriano29, welcome to MetaMask community!

Do not ever trust websites or dapps unless you did your own research first and are sure they can be trusted. There are many scams out there so always be careful and skeptical of what you encounter. Be careful what you interact or click on and NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone.

Thankyou for your advice nothing has been shared with them. I was simply trying to see if anyone had dealt with them before. Thanks for your reply

I don’t know about usdterpro, but sometimes I go to the website scamadviser and enter the website to check the score.

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what aboute the name of dapp. many dam in the chain