User cannot post - reached limit

My friend has received a limit on sending messages, how can I help him?

Hey @permanentban ,

Can you please provide more detail? Thank you.

My friend made a transfer in the Matic network to the wrong network and because of this the money disappeared, the transfer was made to the address of the exchange, he described his problem to them and in response they said to contact the wallet to solve this problem

Hello, please provide the transaction hash and I’ll check it for you

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Hello, your matic has been successfully transferred to this address. Please contact the exchange and ask them to help you

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I wrote to support and they answered me to contact my wallet

Your matic has been transferred out successfully. You can only find the other party to deal with it. You can tell them that it has been transferred out successfully. Metamask is a decentralized wallet. Once the transfer is successful, we have no way to get back to coin

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