Version 9.4.0 - BUG to get seed when more accounts?

I have more than one account on MetaMask. To keep PrivateKey, all fine, to each address I get the correspondent PK, but to kee seeds I have a problem.
If the selected account is the first, OK, MetaMask shows to me de seed from address1, But if I have selected the 2nd or 3rd address, it shows me the seed from address1 !? I think this is a BUG.
I select the 2nd account, and after I go to settings, so in settings I go to Seccurity to see the seed, but it continues to showing me the seed from 1st account… !?
How to resolve ?

[Resolved, is not a bug, seeds are by wallet, not by account]

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Well ppl. I discoreved somethings. Is not a BUG.
The seed MetaMask is per wallet, not per account. But If we import new accounts to one wallet, I don’t know why, if that seed is restored in new computer, don’t shows the imported accounts, so is necessary to add mannually with PrivateKey that accounts. Maybe is something about syncronization. I always thought it was by wallet. But as the addresses did not appear in the restoration, it led me to believe that it was by address. But it is really by wallet.
So is all right, we need the seed, and need always need to keep the private keys as guarantyee.