Warning when I try to list NFT on Opensea

How to reconcile? What does this mean? How to revoke approval?

I get this warning when I try to list something on Opensea.

"You’re granting access to all the NFTs on this contract including any you might own in the future. The party on the other end can transfer NFTs from your wallet at any time without asking you until you revoke this approval. Proceed with caution.

Screen Shot 2565-11-13 at 16.52.15

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Hi, yes it is the correct URL.

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Hello @Mts and welcome to the MetaMask community,

It is a normal message when listing an NFT on Opensea. After selling your NFT, you can revoke access. The following link can help you in this regard.


Apart from the message above, make sure that the NFT with which you are interacting is NOT a scam. Do your own research before interacting with the contract.


much ty for that ! probably check it attentively

Hello, @Maryam, I’m a dapp developer. How can we avoid displaying such a message because it looks dangerous and might discourage users’ desire to continue trading.

That message is shown to raise awareness amongst users, so that they understand what they are signing.


Hello @hackzfy,
I think it is good to have such warnings. At least, the users can do some research regarding the contract with which they are interacting. If the NFT collection is legit, then there are no worries. Otherwise, the users must avoid interacting with such a contract.


@hackzfy for more information:


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its a regular process, to list the NFTs as you want