Watched NFT in my MM Portfolio

Hello to all. I have imported an NFT through the 12 words that were delivered to me with this NFT (Polygon). In the MetaMask Portfolio dApp I see my other NFT’s under ‘Your NFT’s’, but this specific NFT is in another section called ‘Watched NFT’s’. I have imported all NFT’s in exactly the same manner, with the 12 words. Another strange thing is that this NFT has another wallet address than all other NFT’s (under Your NFT’s). I have searched the FAQ, all topics en Googled, but to no avail. Anyone?

Is this an NFT that you own? And can you explain more about what you mean by 12 words that were delivered to you?


I bought it at the offical Dutch Postal service. They issue NFT’s with stamps. Each stamp comes with 12 words. You need these words to mint the stamp (NFT).

When you got to Polygonscan and paste in your wallet address, do you see it as one of the items you hold? Don’t share a screenshot here, but just asking to confirm.