Wemix not able to withrawl

hi, i’ve been trying to withrawl from wemix 3.0 from MetaMask and it seems impossible. ive tried higher priority fee, different types of tokens and it doesn’t let…
so … a big nft game is making this frauds to its users?
how can i withrawl my wemix?

Hi @asdasdasd, welcome to MetaMask community!

Check on this topic for a possible solution to your issue. It’s similar.

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i’ve red and none of it worked , it’s impossible to withrawl, i’ve lost my money now their support doesnt answere

What is the issue that you can not withdraw? Are there any errors/warning? do you have any uncleared/pending transactions? Please provide more details regarding the problem so that we can better assist you.


maryam1 show us how to withrawl tokens from wemix 3.0 on MetaMask, or its a fraud?

I have never used wemix. Please answer to the questions I mentioned above so that we can better assist you. When we do not know what the problem is, how can we help you?


i dont need any guidance with MetaMask, i just didnt expect mir4 and wemix to be scammers like this, try putting 1 wemix to MetaMask and youll find theres no way to withrawl it. i know how to operate in MetaMask, dont need guidance. it’s this company that its making theft and you think its ok to ask what problems im facing, ??? youre the question

What do you mean by “putting 1 wemix to MetaMask …”
Do you mean that you sent WEMIX to your MetaMask address and now you can not send it to another address? If yes, can you see the WEMIX in your wallet? What is the issue that you can not send it to another address?

Anyway, I am sorry for the difficulties you have experienced. As I mentioned I have no idea about wemix, but I thought that you might have encountered the issues such as transaction failures etc about which we could help you.


Just change gas limit to 21000 and max priority fee to 100 max fee to 101 save and it will work


The point of this forum is for users to be able to post their issues and get community support. Maryam is trying to help you by asking you questions that she can then try to troubleshoot the problem. Please do not be rude to those offering support.


For this case, it is not clear what has caused the issue. It may be different from your case.

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