Wemix withdraw problems with metamask

Hello everyone, I’m a new user who has installed MetaMask on the browser today. I would like to point out several problems. I’ll start with the least important one:

  1. “live chat” support does not work. after 2 minutes give error and deactivates. I have tried both with firefox and with chrome and it gives error in both.
  2. The wemixes I sent are not added to my MetaMask. Also there are no transactions and the wemix name in the list is double.

My public:

Transaction example:

Would you be kind enough to help me? Help!


Hello @lordzaku3, welcome to MetaMask community!

Helpdesk bot has some issues at the moment, but they should be fixed soon.
Your address indeed isn’t showing a transaction of 10 Wemix coming in, only the 0.000007 you shared here. No point in asking you if you added the network correctly in your MetaMask wallet, as the 87 KLAY that are shown being in your address on the explorer, also appear in your MetaMask wallet.
My advice would be to check with Bybit to see what happened with your transaction, because it looks like it hasn’t been processed at all, although you got that message from them. The wallet should reflect what the blockchain explorer indicates, but it indicates that there has been no transaction of 10 Wemix incoming to your wallet, so the issue is likely with the sender, not the receiver.


Hi there and welcome to Meta community

I’m not sure what network Wemix use, but I can find this contract address at CoinGecko. What network did you use when you did the transfer ?


I searched for the network and seems to be EVM compatible, so usable in MetaMask. Here is a link for it from Chainlist.


I have been a happy bybit user for almost a year. To test “MetaMask” I bought the kleys, then transferred them via withdraw. Then I bought the wemixes and via withdraw I sent to my MetaMask portfolio. Furthermore, the transaction via bybit is not the only one I have done. This link is in fact the reference to my first attempt to get wemixes on my MetaMask from another wallet. All attempts did not go well:

  1. the number is 0
  2. wemix is double in the list
  3. I don’t know what happened to my tokens

If the transactions with wemix don’t work I will be forced to abandon “MetaMask”. I installed it to have wemixes. Can any of the staff come into my portfolio and fix this situation?



Blaming bybit doesn’t seem fair to me. After withdraw, an exclamation point appears inviting me to click to view the transaction. But once clicked in the history list it is empty. MetaMask has something wrong with it.

I’m not blaming bybit at all, was just saying that there is no evidence on the blockchain of any such transactions taking place and the issue might be on the sender side and to contact them to check what’s happening with it, especially since clicking on the tx id doesn’t show anything.

Your MetaMask wallet address is just the receiving address. If the blockchain explorer doesn’t show a transaction happening, MetaMask isn’t able to show you anything on its side because there is nothing to show, nothing was registered on the blockchain.

It doesn’t matter how many transactions you made from the exchange to your self-custodial wallet. One of the transactions might be problematic because the exchange might have an issue with sending it through to the receiving address you inputed. The TXID for the transaction in your picture: 0x655b79bbb23c8535fe2ea87c3a603c9495eec567cc565db781b543acb1907e9f , when searching for it on the wemix blockchain explorer, returned an error

Try re-adding the wemix network to your MetaMask wallet, along with the tokens you have on the respective network and contact Bybit about your transaction. This isn’t criticism, is a helping solution to your issue.

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I can’t add wemix to the list, it tells me it’s already on my MetaMask. and there is no way to remove the duplicate.
I have already contacted bybit support and they told me that the transaction was successful as always.

Wasn’t referring to the token when i mentioned to re-add the wemix network, but to the network itself.

The Bybit support agent might not understand completely what it’s happening. I did all the verifications i can on the blockchain explorer, where everything that happens with your wallet is shown transparently.

MetaMask doesn’t have any access to your wallet, it’s a self-custodial wallet stored locally on your PC or in your phone, if using the mobile app.


If I click on the “x” to the right of “wemix 3.0” do I lose the 87 “klay” definitely?

No. MetaMask is a wallet that acts as an interface through which you can see the tokens you have stored on your blockchain public address.
You simply re-add the network and re-add the contract address of KLAY for Wemix network and you’ll be able to see them again.

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It can help you tremendously to read through our Knowledge Base of articles about how to use MetaMask and how blockchain and Ethereum and other EVM(Ethereum Virtual Machine) networks, like Wemix is, work. Here is the link and you can either search for something you would like to know or scroll down the page and check the categories with their respective articles inside.


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hi @lordzaku3 .
Click this explorer for information.

Then enter hash here to see the successful transfer record

Your balance is here.

Actually this has nothing to do with MetaMask, the wemix chain we searched in the chainlist belongs to EVM. The wemix you withdraw may be another independent chain.


Thanks for this tuya. Didn’t cross my mind to check what BlueSpaceBike shared. This token seems to be on the Klaytn blockchain.

You need to always make sure that the network through which you try to send tokens out from or into exchanges corresponds with the receiving or, respectively, sender networks on which the tokens in discussion you wish to store, or respectively, reside on.
In this case the transaction was indeed successful but the network was a different one than the one you showed us or wanted your tokens on.


Hello everyone and I apologize for the delay in replying but the system provides that new users have a very few messages to write (I would suggest to disable this option so if I am lucky today we will solve the problem thanks to you). Now I will try to thank you for the answers, for the advice and I will answer each of you. Keep in mind that I am new to “MetaMask” and I am new to the “blockchain” environment, so I will ask you some questions to understand what you mean. Because I’d like to solve. Questions for @tuya :
From your photos it seems that the operation was done correctly. But your message is too sophisticated, would you be kind enough to help me understand what you mean? Is there any way to get those tokens back? Is there a way to make them appear in my “MetaMask”? Or are you telling me that I missed/wrong some steps?

Questions for @Chinzilla :
I removed the network and put it back, but the double word wemix remains and also remains the 0
In your last message you talk to me about different networks, did I do something wrong? If so, can I fix it to recover the tokens or are they permanently lost?

I tell you what I am trying to do, so you who are experts can tell me what I am doing wrong and what should be corrected:

  1. .docs.wemix.com/v/wemixfi-en/Guides/getting-started/how-to-create-wallet
  2. .docs.wemix.com/v/wemixfi-en/Guides/getting-started/how-to-connect-wallets
  3. .docs.wemix.com/v/bridge-en/guides/how-to-bridge/multichain-bridge
  4. .app.multichain.org/#/router

In the short:

  1. Trade Klay and wemix in bybit
  2. Whitdraw (in play wallet app)
  3. Convert Klay to Wemix Classic (Play wallet app)
  4. Send the Wemix Classic from your app to your MetaMask
  5. Multi Chain Convert from wemix classic to wemix 3.0 (Make sure you have klay on your MetaMask)
  6. Bridge Change to Wemix mainnet
  7. Convert your wemix 3.0 to p.wemix
  8. Transfer your pwemix to your Play wallet account

As you can see up to step 3 I success, the kleys I can get them displayed but at the fourth step I fail, I can’t get the wemixes to appear on the list of my MetaMask (I made other submissions in the last 20 hours from but I can’t get them to appear). Would you be kind enough to tell me how to do it?

I am seriously thinking about creating a new MetaMask, I think my MetaMask is compromised, what do you think about this?

Thanks in advance.

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hi, try as this:

  1. Search for klay on the chainlist website and add it to MetaMask.
  2. Click import token and add the contract address of wemix:

Then see if your wemix is there.


The principle is this:
A token may be deployed on different chains, such as USDT, ETH. When we withdraw, we will choose the chain we need.

You chose the Klay chain instead of the wemix chain when you withdrawn from Bybit yesterday. So you should find it on Klay chain.

In fact, your screenshot yesterday misled us. We judged from the screenshot that you chose the Wemix chain for withdrawal, but in fact you chose the Klay chain. :joy:


I beg your pardon but I have a hard time understanding. What do you mean by “chainlist website”? Can you write it down? Did you mean to enter MetaMask, click on the drop-down menu and select the network “kleytn mainnet” and manually add that address with hex “18”?

In the meanwhile I add a photo, I did so and maybe these are the “wewix classic”, right? (10 + 1)


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Chinzilla has posted the URL of the chainlist above. It collects lots of chains, we just need to search and add them.
It seems that you have already added the Klay chain, so there is no need to use the chainlist.
Well, your wemix is now available in MetaMask, right?
Need additional help? :sweat_smile:


can someone help me to swap or send this klay at wemix3.0.
I keep my transaction failed.