What is the benefit of metamask?

Let’s talk about what is the advantage of a MetaMask compared to other wallets. first of all, it must be said about the pleasant design that does not irritate the eyes, and the red fox looks quite nice. further it is worth mentioning the functionality, this wallet is easy to use, and all transactions are fast and error-free. The next factor depends on the quality of support, a pleasant and responsive team cannot but rejoice. the ability to create sub-accounts also allows you to talk about the quality of the wallet. this wallet also interacts with a huge number of new projects, which is also a plus for the development team! and of course it is convenient because it is built into the browser, and also exists as an application on the phone :heart:


I’d like to even expand on this more, what is it that you love about MetaMask too?

I also like collaboration in gamefi projects, how about you? @KBee

I like that it’s non-custodial, open-source code, with a dope design. All and all it’s easy to figure out and there is tons of support whether that’s here, Knowledge Base, videos, or other articles. Knowledge Base is an incredible resource that is always expanding.

I’m a forever fan.


I agree with you, you can also highlight the fact that you can track all transactions, which can be useful to protect your assets in the future


MM is a product with amazing UX


I love the fox



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