What is when metamask is down

hi what is when MetaMask is down?
how can i get my cryptos?

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what do you mean by down, could u attach a captured image or so? (hope you don’t randomly post here for airdrop speculation)


MetaMask currently has no plans for an airdrop, regardless of any information you may have seen elsewhere.
If you encounter anyone explaining the best method to maximize the size of a MetaMask-related ‘airdrop’ you might receive, they’re lying. In particular, be wary of scams (aimed at getting your Secret Recovery Phrase) that weaponize this topic.

You can check out the following article:


Hi friend! @salseroo
Are you asking what would happen to your crypto if MetaMask suddenly vanished?
You should know that your recovery seed phrase has access to all of your crypto assets and as long as you have your recovery seed phrase, you will always be able to recover your crypto.
Let us know if that was your question though!

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ure a bot detecting specific words right


No, you are wrong.
It’s just that the author could possibly have been deceived by means of a non-existent airdrop


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