What to Do After a Hack

My Metamask wallet was robbed after I gave the seed phrase to someone I thought was helping me with a staking problem on the Binance Smart Chain…

They cleaned out my meager BNB balance. Left some ETH they probably didn’t look for.

Furthermore, they rigged the BSC portion of the wallet to divert deposits to another wallet (belonging to the hacker). Furthermore, I cannot maintain a balance, which disables the ability to interact with a couple of smart contracts that I have BNB stakes in.

I was unable to create a new account with a functional BSC module in my existing Metamask, so is there a way to transfer the smart contract connection to a new Metamask instance, then delete the original?

Thank you.

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @phaelosopher!! :rocket: :fox_face:

I am very sorry to hear this happened. Never give your seed phrase to anyone for any reason. We will never ask for it. You can find a list of our official support platforms here.

For your privacy & security, I’ve created a support ticket for you so. We will continue to assist you via email.