Wallet compromised, scammer got seed phrase, what now?

I was on telegram late at night trying to figure out a problem with some tokens I had in my walet and I stupidly entered my secret seed phrase on a link provided by a fake support member for that coin (validate wallet or something like that). This person also got my wallet address and the contract addresses for my tokens and wanted me to depsit ETH (which I didn’t do thankfully) and to complete some kind of smart contract(s) (which I also didn’t do). I didn’t give up any more important info beyond that I think.

Needless to say I’m abandoning this metamask wallet; deleted it off my iphone, deleted the firefox extension on my macbook, removed it from cointracker.

Am I safe now? Is loosing my wallet the extent of the damage? I created a new account with a different e-mail to to post here to avoid logging into the old one. I didn’t have much on the wallet, I just want to know if my personal info is safe and if, for example, the exchange I used to send ETH back and forth to MetaMask is also safe!?

Please let me know ASAP and if I should do anything else. Thank you.

Please let me know