Where are my payment?

Hello, i create a metamask wallet account to receive my payments, and when it reached 0.005 ETH the payment was sent, but it is not reflected in metamask, what do I have to do?
Add MATIC and it’s at 0.001 and I don’t know what it means, I can’t send them either because it’s very little, what comes next?

so, why do you dont send yours too?

i solve this using:
adding the ENS and adding the polygon mainet in custom RPC
and it shows my 0.005 ETH

please can I recover my matics if I send matics from metam mask to an online exchange website ?? the networks were wrong metamask network was Polygon
the online exachange website was bep20 please answer me :frowning:

All I got was those worthless MATIC payouts for nearly a week. I requested support several times but not a damn thing was done about it, only automated BS. I should have had about $45 worth of etherium but ended up with about $.002 of fucking matic. How many troubles does it finally take for you all to leave this BS wallet service and go to NiceHash like I did. just walked from my little hard earned stash and started over. Payout every 4 hours like clockwork in Bitcoin with real $ value!!