White Screen on Edge

My metamask wallet will not open anymore on Edge. All I get is a white screen. I have my recovery phrases. Sadly I do not have the proper private key to restore my accounts. Please advise if anyone has an idea what I can do.

Is that something I can do without logging in or accessing the extension. I can’t do either. When I click on metamask just a blank screen pops up. Thank you for your help.

@WWPCrypto user Babatunde is stupid scammer. Only tests your intelligence.

You imported the eth address using the privat key? Or your seed phrase doesn’t open the correct eth account?

My seed phrase doesn’t open the correct account when I try to reinstall. All of my funds are on an eth account 2 and smart chain. When I recover all I have is a blank account with 1 default eth account.

OH IT’S WRONG :neutral_face: but did not reinstall the metamask wallet on the edge browser?
I hope :eyes: try to find the folder ejbalbakoplchlghecdalmeeeajnimhm

Hi @WWPCrypto. Did you try to add the second account (Account 2) ?

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