Why poly/ why eth- balance question

I two questions-

In my MetaMask wallet- I have X amount balance which is fairly small. Then in polygon Wallet I have X amount which is larger. Is that best to have them split like that?

My question on opensea is I have been successful in purchasing a few NFT’s without issue. Then on other NFT’s when I try to place a bid… and or buy now it tells me to switch networks… it then switches over and prompts I don’t have enough funds in that particular one… I would assume it’s trying to pull from my ETH wallet.

Do different NFT’s take different types of currency?

And if I don’t need all my funds on the poly… how do I send them back to my ETH wallet with the minimal amount of fees.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @ARG, your MetaMask wallet can be configured to be on different networks. By default, it is on Ethereum mainnet, but can be switched to other networks such as Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. How you have your balance split across different networks is up to you.

Different NFTs do take different types of currency. It also depends on which network the currency they are asking for is on. For example, if the NFT is on Polygon, they can be asking for ETH on Polygon. If it is on Ethereum, they can be asking for ETH on Ethereum.

To move your funds from Polygon to Ethereum, you can use a bridge.

Here is more information about all of this on our Knowledge Base:

When I try to bridge it from polygon to ETH

VIA- polygon bridge…

I keep getting this error

Internal JSON-RPC error. { “code”: -32603, “message”: "I

Make sure that you have inputted the correct information for Polygon network, and that you have MATIC for gas fees.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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