Withdrew $BLES Token To Binance - Balance Missing

Hey everyone,

I’ve withdrawn 69 $BLES Tokens yesterday amounting to about $550 USD from my MetaMask wallet to my ETH Binance wallet, blockchain says the transaction is successful but it is not showing in my Binance ETH wallet. Where is the ETH/USD? I attach a screenshot.

You can’t send ERC20 Tokens BLES to ETH Binance wallet :see_no_evil:

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Hi Andy thank you for taking the time to reply. Off the back of that, is there anything I can do to get the funds back to my MetaMask wallet?

Hi AdamS bad situation… maybe Binance support help: Binance Chat

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Hi @Andy I’m new to all this so I’ve since reached out to Binance chat and they’ve said they’ll return the funds in “over 1 month” and that they require a “0.001 BTC handling fee”. I asked how much of the funds I would receive since the value of the tokens obviously fluctuates, and they said they’ll return the value that Etherscan shows. The issue with that is, Etherscan shows the value to be 0 ETH, when those 69 $BLES tokens are worth over USD$550 at the transaction time… is all this normal?

Really sorry for a lengthy reply, just a worried newbie here🙈

AdamS you have Blind Boxes (BLES)? www.coingecko.com/en/coins/blind-boxes#markets trades on Uniswap…

@Andy I bought the BlindBoxes (BLES) tokens on Uniswap, I then attempted to withdraw the tokens to my Binance wallet using my MetaMask Wallet (on the MetaMask chrome extension) after trying to take profit. The mistake seems to be that I didn’t convert the tokens to ETH using Uniswap before trying to withdraw, and now all of the funds seem to have been lost. I’m just hoping there’s a way to get them back

AdamS mistake :neutral_face: this token not trading on Binance… only Uniswap or PancakeSwap… Binance maybe return yours token for 0.001 BTC

@Andy Mistake I know, I’m new to all this😞 the rep mentioned that 0.001 BTC but when will they take it? I have 0.01 BTC in my account ready for them to take the 0.001. I don’t even know if the return is certain or not

AdamS must contact Binance support Binance Chat sorry I don’t know :roll_eyes:

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Thank you for your help, will do! @Andy :slight_smile:

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