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Hello. I’m hoping someone can clear up an issue I have. Last night I withdrew my Loom tokens from Basechain with the intent of moving them to MetaMask. The tokens were moved off of Basechain and onto the Ethereum network (MetaMask).

I did 2 separate withdrawals. MetaMask issued 2 prompts per withdrawal which I responded to. If I read the Activity Log correctly (which could be suspect) it appears to show the tokens moving from my MetaMask address, which I recognize [0x3ff…1fC9] to the Interacted With (To): address [0xfc…A528] which I don’t recognize and where I assume my tokens are.

Apparently in the withdrawal process I did this to myself. Can anyone tell me what I did and, hopefully, where my tokens are and how to gain access to them?

I’ll post the Etherscan Txhash for the first and second withdrawal if that’s helpful:
1st Txhash

2nd Txhash

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Your MetaMask address is 0x3ff…1fC9?
Did you add contract address for Loom token?


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Hi user007. Thank you so much for your timely reply. I don’t believe I did add the Loom contract. At least I wasn’t prompted to. The odd thing is that I see that in my Basechain account it still shows all of the Loom tokens (I’ve taken a screenshot). But I don’t see any means to access them (all of the Withdraw fcns aren’t active). And, my MetaMask account still shows a 0 Loom balance. I wish I was more knowledgeable. This may sound lame but I was just following the MetaMask prompts to allow the withdraws to proceed and assuming the tokens would show up in the MetaMask account. Any other suggestions? I’m willing to try anything. Plus, I’d like to know what I did wrong so as not to do it again.

Hi benab, this is your MetaMask address?
Can you screenshot your MetaMask wallet?

3,377.668… LOOM is at this eth address

Hi user007. Yes, the address you posted is my MetaMask address. I may have found something by stumbling on it in my attempt to get you a screenshot of my MetaMask wallet. I wasn’t sure what image you really needed. So image #1 just shows the 0 balance in my MetaMask wallet when I open it up. But I didn’t think that was what you wanted. So I clicked on “View Account on Etherscan”; see image #2. From there, I then clicked on “View in Token Holdings”. This was a view I had never accessed before; see image #3. To my surprise I see that Loom Token is listed with the full amount (3377.66828437333441…). There is a “More” drop-down menu to the far right with an option to “Add Token to MetaMask (Web3).” I’m leery about selecting that option for fear I’ll compound my troubles. Are any of these images helpful?

hi @benab , as user007 said, 3377.66 loom are in your wallet, they are not lost.
that’s to say, the loom contract you added in the first picture is probably wrong, you should add the correct contract to show it.

You have several ways to display it.

1, Click the add token in the last picture, you can add it to the MetaMask. (Please note that we only do this on secure sites, such as explorer or coingecko)

2, For safety, we usually search the contract address of the token in coingecko.
It can be seen here that loom is deployed on two chains, what you need is the one above

3, Click on the loom of the transaction record, and you will find its contract address, which is the one posted by usrer007.

Click the import tokens of MetaMask, paste the contract address and you can also see loom


To user007 and tuya:
I apologize for being late in replying to your posts. I was called away from the computer for a few days. Once back, I followed your advice and found the “missing” Loom tokens. The key was adding the new Loom contract address to my MetaMask account. To both of you, THANK YOU very much for your replies and assistance! I really do appreciate the time you took to reply! Best wishes.


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