WMATIC not showing in Matic Mainnet Metamask Wallet

Hey all,

I have WMATIC after selling TITAN/MATIC LP a couple weeks ago (using polygon wallet V2 connected to Metamask for the Matic network), however it is not showing up in my Metamask (Matic wallet) and not showing up in SushiSwap/dapps.

My wallet to view on polygonscan:

The transaction in question is 0x4fd6a7155cf62e9a8568d3a63038d06396e991add6e59fff153f90fc5dd5f790

Polygonscan shows the 148 WMATIC however I just can’t seem to access it?

I have both added WMATIC as a custom token in my Metamask wallet and double checked the contracts from polygonscan and my wallet’s token, but my balance is still 0.


Try using quickswap to exchange wmatic to matic.

It should be a 1 to 1 swap. You will only need the transaction fee in Matic. To make the exhange.

See if they show up in quickswap when you connect your wallet.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, same thing with Sushiswap. It shows a balance of 0.

mmmm, I’m out of ideas, sorry.

Just to be certain, you are using the Polygon Mainnet on Metamask? with your Wallet address (0x71c44C5f56f43E9Eb36e1633A4b3C779a1BEC6Cd)? (I know it is a stupid question, but just covering all bases)

Yeah I am! It’s ok. Just feel stumped at the moment, not sure what to do