Metamask polygon

I wanted to swap wmatic with usdt on My wmatic are on dex but not on polygon scan (see below picture 1 / picture 2)
balance exchange

My second problem is to cancel transaction (insufficient funds to cancel but 25 matic on account). Pictures 3 and 4

Somebody had the same issue ?
I can reset my MetaMask but I’m afraid to lose my wmatic. Any solution ?
thanks in advance for help

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Hello and welcome to the MetaMask community,

I did not understand well what happened, but I am trying to help.

  1. Have you added the WMATIC contract address in your MetaMask wallet? The contract address is: 0x0d500b1d8e8ef31e21c99d1db9a6444d3adf1270

  2. In image 2, click on the token. Can you see WMATIC there? If yes, click on it and make sure that the contract address is the same as the one I copied above.

  3. Refresh your wallet. Can you see MATIC on your wallet?

  4. Check blockchain explorer to make sure that there are not any unauthorized transactions in your account.

Please let us know what happens after doing the above mentioned points.


thanks for your help.
Here is what I can say

  1. wmatic contract is ok. wmatic appeared in my MetaMask
  2. wmatic are not on polygon scan (see below : 9475 matic out but nothing in )
  3. what do you mean about refresh your wallet ?
  4. No unauthorized transaction in my account.

Thanks for the reply.

  1. Then WMATIC is in your account.

  2. Because it is in your account, you can see it on blockchain as well under the tokens. You can see your tokens as shown in the image attached.

  3. I meant just close and reopen it.

  4. Then you should be able to see WMATIC in your account on blockchain, as you see in your wallet as well.


What do you mean by this? “9475 matic out but nothing in”
Do you mean MATIC tokens were sent out without your authorization? You already replied under point 4 that there is no unauthorized transaction in your account. Please clarify further.

Can you see 9475 WMATIC in your MetaMask? If no, have you deposited those WMATIC tokens in
By the way, if you share your public address, we can take a look at it. NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase and Private key with anyone.


thanks for your help.
I can see my wmatic on MetaMask but not on polyscan. You can have a look on my MetaMask :

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Thanks for the reply. As you mentioned, it is not shown on polygon scan. Have you deposited WMATIC on The action is shown as “deposit” on polygon scan. I suggest you to check You might need to withdraw it.


impossible to withdraw. The probleme is with authorization I gave mmfinance. Look what’s happen when I try to cancel.

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A similar issue was discussed under the following topic. Try to increase the gas fee and see what happens.


Do you have a pending transaction? If yes, it needs to be cleared as well.
Please refer to the following post.


wonderful ! problem is resolved. All transactions were cancelled and I get my wmatic. Thanks a lot for your time and help. :ok_hand:



I am glad that it got resolved. Thanks for letting us know.


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