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Hi i deleted my metamask account and registered a new one. When i openned my binemon, all my monsters are gone. Do i have a chance to recover my binemons? The reason of deleting my old account is that i forgot my seed phrase.and now i cant recover it.please help me

Здравствуйте!Я не могу импортировать свои данные их зарегистрированного кошелька,пишет что секретная фраза не подходит.Как сделать чтобы войти снова?Как правильно вводить секретную фразу? Помогите восстановить доступ в старому аккаунту.Напишите Тольятти э э́ по рри́ при ммммм ММП пп припаркую ППП я

I imported my metamask on a new computer but it imported account 1 and I don’t know how to recover account 2 because it no longer appears. thank you for helping me

Is your problem solved !?

I have accidentally deleted metamask app on my iPhone and reinstalled it… I have the secret phrase and I’ve got my same account back…. But here is the problem I’m having, all my coins are gone and I need help to get them back please…

Can someone help?


I have MM extension on PC. I opened a MM on my Samsung. It accepted my password, but didn’t show my account. It told me to sync MM on computer, but it never showed the digital code, only a blank. Then a couple weeks ago I got this from my MM under settings:

“The ‘Sync with extension’ feature is temporarily disabled. If you want to use your extension wallet on MetaMask mobile, then on your mobile app: go back to the wallet setup options and select the ‘Import with Secret Recovery Phrase’ option. Use your extension wallet’s secret phrase to then import your wallet into mobile.”

Is this legit? Well, since it was on MM, and my friends saw it on their computer, I tried that. It didn’t work and I don’t see my account. Today, when I tried again, I used my password on my mobile, it said to use my private key to import my extension. It said one or the other was no good.

On the mobile, it says “if can’t log in, delete the MM and start again.” What?! If I delete MM, I might lose all my tokens and NFTs. I can’ even see my NFTs because I can’t use my mobile.

What can I do?

Hello, i have one single question. I use Metamask via chrome extension and i would like to use it in my mobile. Being the scan QR code option disabled my only option is using the import option.
My question is the following: If i import my MM account via seed phrase to my mobile, will my account remain in both (mobile and extension) or once imported the chrome extension account will disappear?.
Thanks in advance.

Metamask hafıza ile ilgili bir uyarı veriyor uygulamasında silip yeniden yuklememi istedi, silip yeniden yükledim ama yeni bir hesap açtı önceki hesabımın private key bilmiyor 12 kelimeden oluşan şifrem ile açmama rağmen hesap geri gelmedi,yardımcı olur musunuz

I lost my secret recovery phrase that I saved
my brother entered another account and now i cant enter the wallet with my password
I used vault decrypter but it only shows my brother’s account source code

Once there’s a new instance of MetaMask installed, the vault decrypted can only recover the current secret recovery phrase. Do you have a back up of the browser with the working MetaMask?