Account Locked from Face ID, Secret Recovery Phrase opens new account

My face id on my phone locked my account and I couldn’t log in. I deleted the app and reinstalled and my recovery phrase generated a new account. I tried to use the vault decyptor on my chrome extension and that only recognizes my new empty account. I have tried to add custom token of my 1 token on my old wallet and it says i own 0 of that wallet. I cannot access my original wallet even though i am using the correct seed/secret recovery phrase. All the transactions on the missing wallet can be tracked back to my wallet from another provider. What should I do?


same problem. I dont know how to recover it

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When you check etherscan what does it show ? Does token appear on etherscan ?

its in BSCscan it was used for DEFI pet now my pets are all gone. pls help =(

Unfortunately this seems common for metamask. I’ve looked at other threads. They just tell us when we use seed phrase it gives us a new account, which we know and is why we’re here. Would be good if this group could figure this out.

Yes. I’m really frustrated. No answer from support just yet.

Bro. Resolved ba issue mo? Pls help what steps did you do @jmterencio

ive got exactly the same problem and no help

I have the exact same issue. Please help me.

anyone figure out how to fix this? faceid not working and hesistant to reset

Same here it worked fine last night and this morning it says password invalid and as for Face ID it doesn’t do anything for me

i ended up deleting app, reinstalling and using seed phrase and worked fine

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You’re lucky. Everyone else who’s tried that has been unsuccessful and MM’s only response is it’s our fault.

Same thing here. Please tell me someone else figured this out by now

Same issue here, I have transaction receipts from friends that I sent eth to that shows my account but when I used my recovery seed it opened a whole different account with zero of my assets in it!

How has this not been resolved yet? It seems like 100’s if not more of people had the same issue all at the fault of MM. I have read and tried everything, but NOTHING works.

I got some ETH back randomly after trying another time, but still not a custom token

I have the same problem!