Account Locked from Face ID, Secret Recovery Phrase opens new account

My face id on my phone locked my account and I couldn’t log in. I deleted the app and reinstalled and my recovery phrase generated a new account. I tried to use the vault decyptor on my chrome extension and that only recognizes my new empty account. I have tried to add custom token of my 1 token on my old wallet and it says i own 0 of that wallet. I cannot access my original wallet even though i am using the correct seed/secret recovery phrase. All the transactions on the missing wallet can be tracked back to my wallet from another provider. What should I do?

same problem. I dont know how to recover it

When you check etherscan what does it show ? Does token appear on etherscan ?

its in BSCscan it was used for DEFI pet now my pets are all gone. pls help =(

Unfortunately this seems common for metamask. I’ve looked at other threads. They just tell us when we use seed phrase it gives us a new account, which we know and is why we’re here. Would be good if this group could figure this out.

Yes. I’m really frustrated. No answer from support just yet.