ANT will not "send"

Hi I attempted 2 times now to send ANT and while I used the recommend FEE for erc20 . both attempts did not go thru, the fees gone. I have never experienced this before, When I look at etherscan the fee shows LESS than what I paid.

  1. please advise OF HOW TO send ANT. I followed the prompts and now my fees are depleted too. How do I send ANT out of mm? Sending erc20s is nothing new to me. thanks
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Hi @lbl Welcome to the Metamask community🎉
When you view the transaction on etherscan, do you see the reason for the failed transaction? If so what do they say?
This might be better to get the answer through a support ticket as well, as we will likely ask for your state log and the transaction hashes.

no. it says SUCCESS both times. I even received 2 instant confirmations both attempts. I have sent support ticket with all the info.
there is not notice of failure.

it just wont “SEND” but it took my fees

If you see the transaction on ethscan indicating that it says SUCCESS, then the transaction is send.
Are you seeing anything indicating to you that the transaction wasn’t completed?

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Yes it never arrived and still in my mm acct. otherwise on the chain it shows success. HOWEVER, one thing it does not refelect is the FEE amount I paid for erc20. it ONLY is showing “eth” even tho I paid the high fee to send I followed the prompts and went with what fees mm said too.

in other word roughlly $5ish usd when i actually paid $14ish USD-what mm set the price at. I also made sure it was during slower time on the chain.

Try opening a support ticket and we can take a deeper look. It’s not recommend to share account and transaction information in public forum

thank you for deleting. There is a support ticket as of this morning.

could there be something going on with uniswap wanting me to go thru them? this is rather frustrating and odd.

anyone know the wait time for mm to respond to ticket???

Hi should I post me issue somewhere else in here? Another topic forum? or is this the right one? Still have not hears fro customer support. VERY SAD.

You’re in the correct forum and topic. Please give a few days for Customer Support to answer the support ticket. We will get to it as soon as possible. Can you also DM me the email your used to open the support ticket with?

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Hi how do I DM in here?

Hi are you back here yet?

I still need help . Have ot heard from support.

Hi I just got word MM is no longer helping thru email. Please advise. thanks

We do provide support via email by submitting a support ticket. If you’ve already done so, but have not yet received a reply, you can share your ticket number here and we’ll be glad to follow up via email.

Thank you for responding. it has been over a week since i sent first support ticket never heard back… Finally sent one today and the below is what I received… just received an email stating otherwise: wonder why this would be sent???

How do I DM in here? thank you.

Thank you for contacting MetaMask.

We are experiencing extremely high volumes of inquiries. In an effort to improve our efficiencies on responding to support inquiries, direct emails to support are no longer enabled.

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Kind regards,
MetaMask Support

Can you help to provide your support ticket number?