My token won’t sent from Metamask :( lost eth 3 times now

I have transaction ID . Failed 3 times now I’ve lost almost $50 in eth trying to withdraw my UBT…… I’ve tried MEW, Metamask, 2 different exchanges

I’ve withdrawn multiple other Alts with 0 problems before I really don’t understand what’s not working… I put “fast” and even put limit from 200,000 to 400,000

Transaction ID:

Gas limit 40000 is small :slightly_smiling_face: try Gas Limit 150000

Sorry I meant 400,000
I clicked fast , advanced settings it was 200,000 default and I put it to 400,000

Etherscan page shows 40,000 no 400,000

Wow I’m an idiot I must’ve typed wrong

So if I put 200k it’ll work then most likely correct

Yes :rocket: try put 200000

Ty I’m gonna try later today and I’ll give an update. Appreciate it a ton

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Must work it :sweat_smile: to 95%

Well right now “fast” is like $44 so I’m gonna wait until later tonight when gas fees are a bit cheaper haha