APT Coins Not Showing in Wallet

On 10/25/22 I transferred Aptos (APT) tokens from Coinbase into my MetaMask wallet. They didn’t show up, so I checked back a day later - still not there. Now it’s 11/2/22 and the APT tokens are not in my MM wallet. I’m not tech savvy - any advice?


hi @Alangordon.official , welcome to MetaMask community.

As far as I understand, MetaMask does not support Aptos chain temporarily, you need to use Aptos wallet address to receive APT, such as Petra, Pontem.


So where is my APT right now? It’s not in my Coinbase account or in my MetaMask wallet. How do I get it back into Coinbase?


I’m worried that apt has been lost, see what other people here have suggestions. or you can contact coinbase’s team to see if they have a solution.

When we withdraw from an exchange, be sure to check if the wallet we are using supports it. Otherwise funds may be lost :cold_sweat:


Well then the transaction should not have gone through - but it did go through - MetaMask should not have accepted it. That’s crazy. Should have done a small transaction just to test it, but now I’m f+++d - unbelievable.


This is exactly why crypto needs to be regulated. It’s an amateur hour shit show. And this should be a warning that MetaMask not only does not have competent support in place, but there are no rules, no warnings, no oversight. I have learned a very expensive lesson here.


Sorry I forgot to send you the link to the online customer service just now.
you can contact MetaMask’s support team for more professional help and advice at https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
and then click Start a conversation


Once you click Start a conversation a live chat bot will appear on your screen. It will give you an automated response at first, but afterwards you should be able to contact the support team directly.

Don’t worry, I can understand your anxious mood. due to the time zone difference, the team has not yet had time to reply to you. Actually I don’t think it has anything to do with MetaMask, the wallet can’t stop people from transferring money to its address. Similar reminders are displayed on the exchange interface.
I really hope you can get them back :heart:


Hello @Alangordon.official, welcome to MetaMask community!

The problem, in this case, lies with the fact that Coinbase may not have warned you that the EVM compatible address (MetaMask wallet address) to which you are trying to withdraw a token that isn’t EVM compatible itself (APT token), is not ok or possible. There should have been a warning about it, like most exchanges have. The networks from and to where you are trying to make a transfer need to coincide all the time.


but thay cant exchange exactly,you should use bridge like liquild


Ok so the tokens are in a nether world.
If MetaMask one day supports APTOS - would the tokens automatically appear in my wallet?


And what is the plan for MetaMask to support Aptos?


@Alangordon.official ,

I’m not positive on this, but it looks like Trust Wallet recently started to support Aptos, going off this article. - This article shows you how to receive Aptos.

You can try exporting your private key and importing to Trust Wallet.

Here is an article on how to export your private key:

This next article shows how to import your private key into Trust Wallet:

Please take note of all warnings shared. Your wallet is completely vulnerable if your private key is exposed. Confirm you are downloading the legit Trust Wallet if you do this. Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase, or input it to verify if you get a pop up.


I think first of all, this problem has nothing to do with the MetaMask wallet. The wallet is just a place to put and display bank cards. Your money is transferred to the bank card. There is also an APT contract address that is different from the ETH contract address in length. I think because the address is not of the same type, if you enter the ETH address when you transfer out, you can’t submit it successfully under normal circumstances, that is, you submit it successfully from Coinbase, Will not be submitted to the contract for execution


But where’s the money? It was sent to my MM address, but it’s not showing in my MM wallet. HOW DO I GET IT? Will anyone at MetaMask actually support me, or do I have to follow the random, contradictory suggestions of perfect strangers? Where is the support?


It is LOST :cry: you sent it into a black hole.

This is an Ethereum address

This is an Aptos Mainnet address (it is very long)

Ethereum address does not exist on Aptos Mainnet :upside_down_face:



You won’t be able to add Aptos to your MetaMask wallet as the Aptos blockchain is not compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
When did you copy the address from the MetaMask wallet, what network was connected at that moment?


MetaMask has absolutely nothing to do with it.
I am very sorry that you lost your money!
You can also read the following articles to understand your mistake.


I am sorry for what happened. The question is: Was the transaction successful? Then how? As mentioned above, Aptos is not an EVM compatible network. Therefore, you should have received a warning before confirming to send APT tokens to your MetaMask wallet. If there was no such warning, then the fund “may” not have been transferred. I suggest you contact Coinbase Customer Support in this regard. At least they should know about the issue to prevent it from happening in the future.


Please refer to @tuya’s response if you would like to contact the official support team.


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