Balances are not listed in my wallet, please help!

Hello! I had problems with some pending transactions, then I did the change of nonce manually to fix the problem, but it is not reflected in my balance

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Hey @ariel957, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Which transaction was pending? Would you be able to send the transaction hash?

Here’s an article on our Knowledge Base that may help you:

Thanks for answering, the Transaction Hash is 0xb31a265ce97fabba6d87fbc1a854899a40f20b62a14e7e1ffb03051de620dcb7, it is I think it is the transaction, it is not pending, but it does not reflect the balance of the transferred, please verify it, since my knowledge has been tested. , Thank you very much for your time

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It looks like the transaction was successful and 159 CTFT was sent to your balance. There’s another transaction (0x66ffe2d17705fad0c88163ab08d6c165dc0f1c4d9cbec4d304f2abcd3c5a1c95) afterwards that sends 159 CTFT to another address, which is why the balance is not in your wallet currently.