C chain Avax not suported afther transfer Metamask by Binance

Transfered my Avax from metamask to my account on Binance
MetaMask also gave no warning when entering this address.
MetaMask is the software of the wallet whose AVAX were sent to Binance
Apparently MetaMask sent the AVAX to Binance over the C-chain (Contract chain) as this is the only way AVAX can reside on a MetaMask wallet address.
Then it turns out that Binance does not support Binance’s C-chain. However, this is not explicitly stated on the page where information about deposit options can be found
This is also why Binance can’t credit my deposited a few hundreds AVAX in.
No support of custumor service Binance. What can i do? Any ideas welcome

Same thing exactly happened to me …