Documentation of the decrypted vault data

Does documentation exist for the decrypted vault data?

This is some example data:
[{“type”:“HD Key Tree”,“data”:{“mnemonic”:“*** ",“numberOfAccounts”:2,“hdPath”:“m/44’/60’/0’/0”}},{“type”:“Trezor Hardware”,“data”:{“hdPath”:“m/44’/60’/0’/0”,“accounts”:[],{“type”:“Ledger Hardware”,“data”:{“hdPath”:“m/44’/60’/0’/0”,“accounts”:["0x4b95******************FB4B5”],“accountDetails”:{“0x4b95*****************FB4B5”:{“bip44”:true,“hdPath”:“m/44’/60’/5’/0/0”}},“bridgeUrl”:“metamasklink”,“implementFullBIP44”:false}}]

From what I gather I can deduce that this vault contains two accounts. Is this always correct even when importing accounts with private keys and with hardware?

I have also found that in my case Trezor Hardware appears in the data even though there are no accounts connected to it. Why would this be?

The accounts below Ledger Hardware data are from the Ledger and in my case the imported account is from slot 5. Correct?

I’ve also noticed that some accounts show up after “accountDetails” but not after “accounts”. Why is that?

Thank you for your response.

Hey @OnAPickup, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Sorry I don’t know the answer to all your questions, but there is a GitHub repo if that helps:

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That doesn’t help, unfortunately, as I can’t find any documentation on the Github either. The thing I’m most interested in is why some accounts don’t show up in accountDetails. It’s really strange.

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