Does anyone know if Metamask wallets can participate in mining?

A friend recommended to me the Metamak wallet mining, please ask if there is an understanding of this part? Please give me some advice, thanks!


Hello @kiki881006.

You can use MetaMask wallet to receive your mining rewards in it, if you are mining ETH or any EVM compatible coins that MetaMask can store.


Oh, I see, are you also involved in ETH mining? Or are you involved in other mining pools, can you introduce me to them? I’d like to look into it, thanks a lot!

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MetaMask is a self-custodial wallet, meaning you are responsible for whatever you do with it, you have the keys to your wallet, so to speak. Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone.

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Yes, I know all these, I just want to study some mining pools and compare them with each other

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I have never heard that mm can do this.


A little late to be getting into mining, IMHO. The Merge ends mining on Ethereum in a little over a month.

Here’s a list of pools. Ethereum (ETH) Ethash | Mining Pools

I personally love HiveOS for its remote admin tools. It does require a bit more tech knowledge to get it setup and running.

NiceHash is a common choice for less technical people, but I’d personally recommend BetterHash over them for Windows mining. Smaller fees, though they do have a 0.02ETH withdrawal limit so you’ll need a moderately powerful GPU/ASIC to hit that mark in the next ~6 weeks.

My 3070’s pull about 0.001 ETH per 24h, at an electric/cooling cost of about $0.30 (~$1/day profit right now)
My RX480’s are barely worth spinning up for the heat they put out (maybe $0.20-0.30 of ETH per day, after electric and cooling.)


I am talking about the Uniswap V2 V3 model of mining, but V3 now seems to have a loophole, so I did not participate, but participate in other ETH mining pools, traditional mining is now very uneconomical

So do you know Uniswap, SushiSwap?

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Those are liquidity pools not mining pools, and yes, you can use MetaMask to participate in them. Just make sure you dyor about what liquidity pools mean and about impermanent loss.


Yes, I understand that I have been participating in some liquidity pools in the last year


Please be careful with yield farming and assess all risks

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Thank you, I understand, and I choose my investments in cryptocurrencies carefully before participating!


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