Error message, any way to fix the “storage error” on iOS without resetting/reinstalling metamask?

I got robbed of 55 bnb about 2 months ago. They didn’t get to 1,500 on a diff wallet. I just got 13 bnb from working super hard turning that 1,500 into the 5500. I transferred the funds to a diff wallet on my metamask on my phone in order to protect myself from getting robbed again. I literally just did this yesterday.

Of course I forgot to record the seed phrase. I feel like a fuckingidiot. Now I’m getting an error code when I try to log in on my phone. Saying there’s a storag error.

So to protect my money, I transferred to a new wallet, then as my luck has it, I get the first error code I’ve ever ever gotten. And now I’m getting robbed a second time. Is there no way whatsoever for Metamask to start up without resetting it? Or a way to find the seed phrase for the lost account?

I feel like giving up, 55 bnb was one thing, but now another 12? I think I’m gonna jump off a bridge. Metamask really needs to tighten up and provide more help to their users in situations like this… lost all hope.

Ok, the vault data I would be trying to access is on my iPhone. I have a pc with access to the first wallet that I used to do a transfer between accounts.

Is there a way to connect my iPhone to my pc to find this “vault data” we’re talking about? I really appreciate your response, greatly. Thank you for lending me some of your valuable time.

If I do end up regaining control of those bnb, I would honest to god send you some of it as appreciation.

I unfortunately never used the chrome metamask on my pc, as I had just happened to quickly create a new wallet on my iPhone a day or so ago to transfer my bnb to so I’d feel it was safe. Never imagined metamask would glitch out on me like this. I should’ve known better. I feel like the biggest fool, having had this sorta thing burn me twice.