ETCPOW not received into Metamask. Token added to MM and have received prior transactions

Payments not being received into mm wallet. Have received before. ETC Network, ETCPOW coin added, Scan shows completed transactions 4 days ago.

Hi @copymech,

Which token is it? You may need to add the token contract address manually to your MetaMask wallet. Please refer to the following link:

The following link may help you as well.


ETCPOW is token. Tried to re-add and said already added. Using chain explorer tried adding also says already added. MM shows balance for token but not $ value. If using Hebeswap balance changes. There are 2 transactions sitting on chain that are not showing in MM wallet. Using ETC address because MM doesnt give address for ETCPOW.

Also have MM on mobile and other computers with different browsers and all show same info.

Then, the 2nd link I shared in my previous post may help you. Please check your account on the respective block explorer to see if the balance of the token is shown correctly. If yes, there are no worries.


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