Ethernity Chain

Hi Team,
I recently swapped Eth to ERN, the transaction is visible on Etherscan
but Metamask tells me
– there was a problem to load your token balance but you can see the avilability here –
and it brings me to ethplorer with indeed my Ern on my wallet.

BUT when I try to stake the ERNs on the Ethernity Chain website, my ERN are not visible :frowning:

To resume :
I swapped eth to ERN
The transaction is visible and officially linked to my metamask wallet
ERN are not visible in my metamask wallet
Therefore I can’t stake them

Anyone knows how to solve this ?
thank you so much.


Welcome to the MetaMask Community @Kimobcn!! :fox_face: :rocket:

Sorry for the trouble with viewing your balance. Please try the steps found here.