Failed Transaction After Resetting Metamask Account


  • I have been attempting to transfer funds from Metamask to Ronin
    (which were all successful until recently)

  • I found out funds were not coming to my Ronin wallet immediately

  • I saw that there were queued transactions in METAMASK I did not intend

  • after reading guides I decided to RESET Metamask account

  • Account RESET successful Funds are still intact after reset.

  • Transaction Queues have disappeared

  • Attempted another transaction to Ronin Bridge.

  • However, after resetting account, now transaction NOW FAILS instantly.

  • Attempted 2nd troubleshooting again:

  • reset account again

  • lock account (logout)

  • uninstall plugin,

  • restart PC,

  • reinstall Metamask

  • sign back in to metamask

  • Funds are still intact in Metamask

  • Attempted to transfer to Ronin Wallet again.

  • However, when hitting confirm, transaction still automatically fails.

What is going on here or can anyone help with this issue please.

Photos: com/file/d/1oBA3bz_ZhX0SByxY_8QxdohEXfFxdTS4/view?usp=sharing com/file/d/1g8KiAjHaSl4on4pcgzN2k6eFzmJzcucO/view?usp=sharing com/file/d/1x8HiAEj9rVUDHzsWwdk1GE4AmLzmWIWV/view?usp=sharing