Funds Missing After App Reinstalled

Help required please. I am a total novice so any help would be much appreciated. I had previous added a custom token to Metamask for FEG. Everything was ok until an app update to Metamask on the iPhone App Store. Following the update my custom token was not showing so I added it again but when in came up it showed the balance as zero. I then uninstalled the app and reinstalled using my seed phrase and again added the token but it still shows as zero. I raised a ticket with Metamask support back in December but to date have not had a reply from them. If anybody can help me it would be appreciated as there was a decent amount invested in that token by myself.

Hey @Jayz1968, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Have you confirmed on a block explorer like or that the tokens are still in your wallet address?

If so, make sure you are importing the correct contract address for the token, you can also adding it through

Thanks for the reply, no I have not checked etherscan or bscscan how do I do that?

Depending on what blockchain you’re looking for the tokens on, you can copy and paste your wallet address to see all your information.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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