Hotbit withdrew has not receive

Hi, dears earliar today I withdrew OPSMEN from hotbit to my metamusk wallet. here is the details:

Your withdrawal transaction has been conducted successfully:

Withdrawal Time: 2023-06-30 03:42:07Z

Withdrawal Amount: 5.090492978e+08 OPSMEN

Receiving Address: 0x90CeECC2f8b754582eE5f16FcaDf04a56982a1d1

Withdraw Fee: 6.1116 USDT

Hash: 0x3f9897ff33328af9a5388e39530ad1f0fa65370cb6e039a641b06eb56e29fee5

Actual amount received: 509049297.8 OPSMEN

But it’s not has been received or don’t show it for me in my metasmusk, kindly guide me what is the exact problem and what is the solution???

Kind regards.

hi @arian32 welcome to MetaMask community.

It is in your wallet, switch the wallet to BSC network, and then import the contract address to see it.

Learn how to find the contract address of token here.

In addition, if you want to transfer or trade on the BSC network, you need some BNB as gas.


Hi, thank your very much and God bless you could i ask you to help with visual as picture or video to import it from contract please.

I did something’s but not sure it will ok or not kindly guide me

thank you

It is OK :roll_eyes: when you click on the Add custom token button you will see your OPSMEN tokens in your wallet.


Hi, thank you very much for your time, kindly let know how can transfer bnb to my metamsk wallet:

it’s my bsc address: 0x90CeECC2f8b754582eE5f16FcaDf04a56982a1d1

should I transfer to above or some other ways?


Yeah :smiley: send it to your MetaMask address 0x90C…2a1d1

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thank you very much but there is two network:

should I Chose the BSC(BEP20) DOSE I’m correct??


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YES BEP20 for BNB Smart Chain network

Solution leave marked post by @Tuya

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