I also did a Wrong transfer from Metamask to Ronin

pa help din po. First time ko din po ngtransfer diko sa roninbridge natransact. nawala sa metamask ang eth pero di pa din pumapasok sa ronin. sinubukan ko din import ang ronin private key sa metamask pero sabi po duplicate ang account ko.

Same problem din po sa akin

sir arkais pa help po, pa message po ako sa messenger albert darwinston david, i accidentally transferred eth to my bridge address, thank you

hello friend, did you have a solution to this problem?
i made the same mistake i transferred from metamask to ronin bridge address and not my account.

I lost 400 usd I’m very bad.
does anyone have any help.
about this problem

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Hello All,

I have transffered 1.5 eth which i received few days back, then again I transffered .10 eth which shows as sucess in eth scan. its been 4 days not received it. I tried importing the wallet in metamask with my ronin rivate keys.
I found there was a difference in both the transaction on eth scan.
the transaction that went through had an extra line saying Transfer 1.5 ether from axie infinty : Ronin to Wrapped eth. under the TO. Contract line

the other transaction was missing this line.

trns id : 0x6d775c28849f63b1a9b711e202bb552f3dffaec8972528d512a8067c1a0ecdcc


Please let me know if someone knows the solution for this .


I always post my problem in axie discord but still they’ve not answer… I’m kinda worrie

Hi need your help. Please pm me Marie Belarmz

Has this been solved? Have the same problem

Same problem here… I accidentally sent my eth to Axie Infinity: Ronin Bridge eth… Meron bang way to recover this?
trns id : 0xa00ee89d4a35d7815554430c1c80cdec7c2e7c37d75753327df387887870367b

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scam page alert… nice try man

Pariho tayo nangyari

i did received the same message. Please assist on what alternative process on how to retrieve my ETH that were sent to Ronin Contact Address: 0x1a2a1c938ce3ec39b6d47113c7955baa9dd454f2. Thank you.

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Still no response and solution.

Hello MakMak

I do the same. DO you get your eth back?
I use the same contract address because appers in recent transactions.

Doyou resolve it?

I send eth to : ronin bridge contract address
Is there a solution?

I already reach the support of Axie, but they said they can reverse the transaction.

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Found this on internet

What happens if you send Crypto to contract address?

If you sent a token to a contract address there’s no way to get them back even if the contract’s owner wanted. Unless said contract that received the tokens had implemented a function that allows it to transfer received tokens, they are lost and stuck.

the owner of the contract maybe can recover.

If you can have an answer from axies can u ask for this, please?

If you post the contract address will be possible to check if the contract supports transfers. If do, then the contract owner will be able to sent you your tokens. If they do not support transfers and also do not prevent incoming deposits, that is a bad contract design.

Only the owner of contract can do something. But I think we cant have it back anymore.

Yes that’s the loop hole of there contract, they should and can transfer back the amount, couse its only a contract.

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Hi. Good day. Is your problem already solve? I have the same experience just last night.