I also did a Wrong transfer from Metamask to Ronin

Not a solucition, I think is have no solve. ETH is loss it.

paano po nsend ko dito ung pang gas ko pambayad sana nadirect may pagasa pa kayang mabawi to

axie infinity address

I have the same problem please help me to retrieve it i put the ronin address and erase ronin word I didn’t use the bridge and it automatically put an Ox to my ronin address so i thought its correct please help me to retrieve my AXS

Hi, is there any update on this? how do you mean reverse? Can they give you back your Eth? I have sent them an email but I got no reply.

hello Ralipante, I have made the same error you did last month, and I want to ask you if you could solve it. Thanks.

Transferred from Metamask to Ronin contract - no bridge

hello ashish_m
the same happened to me two days ago, did you get. a solution?

I already sent them emails but no positive reply though :sweat:

did all the steps , pasted then notified me na account is duplicate. where to go from there?